Ted Lasso - Ted Lasso Leather Smartwatch Band


Futbol is life: Do it The Lasso Way in this smartwatch band inspired by Ted Lasso.

  • Officially licensed: This smartwatch band design is officially licensed by Warner Bros; 
  • Fits all of Team Lasso: We believe in believe and making smartwatch bands that are designed for a comfortable, universal fit on most wrists
  • Quality, comfort & style: Top Napa leather with a stainless steel pin-and-tuck buckle. Made from top-grain European bovine, this premium leather has a smooth, matte finish. Soft and flexible for ultimate comfort so you can Wear Your World in style, from the workplace to a night out.

      Leather Care

      Leather is an organic natural material and may change color & form over time. The leather may darken slightly or cracks may form. You can also expect the leather to soften and become more comfortable with wear. 

      No two leather straps are the same. Imperfections in the leather are part of the allure and beauty of a handcrafted leather strap. The life expectancy of your strap will depend on how often it is exposed to moisture and how often it is worn. Limit exposure to sun, heat, water, sweat, and cosmetics. 

      To Clean - All Leather (except Deer Leather): Wipe both sides with a dry microfiber cloth. Then use a damp jewelry cloth and a drop of mild hand soap or saddle soap to gently clean using circular movements or lightly tapping the leather. Use a soft, absorbent cloth to pat the strap and remove any soap residue, then let it dry naturally.

      Technical Features

      Officially licensed: our straps are compatible with all current Apple Watch
      models (Series 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Ultra and SE) and come with 2 sets of
      connectors to accommodate 38/40/41 mm and 42/44/45/49 mm case sizes. They also
      work with Android-based smartwatches with a 22mm pin. 

      High quality materials: Made with sweat and UV-resistant silicone, this
      smartwatch band is tough while feeling smooth.

      Customized Experience

      Customize your experience: Download the MobyFace App and scan
      the in-package QR code to unlock exclusive Watch Faces included
      with your purchase, as well as thousands more from our ever-expanding catalog.


      What models do you support? What sizes are available?

      Our straps are compatible with:

      Apple Watch - Series 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Ultra, and SE

      Samsung smartwatches with a 20mm pin - Samsung Galaxy

      Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

      Round Android-based smartwatches with a 22mm pin 

      Our straps for Apple Watch include large and small lugs

      to fit all sizes (38/40/41 mm and 42/44/45/49 mm) and also fit any

      Android-based smartwatch with a 22mm pin.

      We also manufacture watch bands for the Gabb Watch and Gabb Lite watch


      What if I have a large or small wrist? Are there

      different sizes available?

      Our bands fit wrists ranging from 5.5"- 8.2"

      (13-22cm). With a simple, stainless steel pin-and-tuck buckle, each of our

      watch bands is designed for a comfortable, universal fit on most wrists.

      Drop us a line at support@mobyfox.com if you have any doubt.


      What's in the box?

      Apple Watch straps: One watch strap with a 22mm pin and

      two sets of connector lugs (one set for large & one for small Apple Watch


      Samsung straps: One watch strap with a 20mm pin

      Android straps: One watch strap with a 22mm pin

      All straps: Warranty info, terms & conditions, and a QR-code** to access

      digital Watch Face collections.

      ** Your QR code is under the black foam packaging. Lift the small tab to reveal

      your QR code.


      What are the straps made of?

      Silicone straps: High quality, food grade silicone that

      is hypo-allergenic. That said, almost nothing is 100% allergenic so please pay

      close attention to how your skin reacts to your strap in the first days of

      it, and if you have any problems let us know, or return it to us for a full


      Leather straps: High quality Genuine, Vegan, or Recycled leather (depends on


      We have also tested for UV, sweat, general use, and worked to make our products

      as durable as possible for ongoing daily use. We believe they are more than

      robust enough to handle you and your smartwatch!


      Are the branded straps official?

      Yes! We publish the license and copyright details of

      everything we do, and any

      branded product you see is based on official partnerships we have with the

      brands in question.


      Do they include digital Watch Faces? How does that work?

      Do I need to pay extra for Watch Faces?

      We have an App called MobyFace which you can download for

      free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Our App has tons of free

      Watch Face collections. Even without one of our straps you can download and

      start using the MobyFace App today.

      With our branded straps you will receive a QR code** inside the box.

      ** Your QR code is under the foam packaging. Lift the small tab to reveal your

      QR code.

      Just go to the app store and search ‘MobyFace’ to download our app. Then, from

      the app or your phone camera, scan the QR code. For the Android app, make sure

      the app is also installed on your smartwatch as a watch face app.

      A matching collection for your strap will appear in your collections inside the

      MobyFace App. You can then install any of the Watch Faces in that collection on

      your smartwatch. You can find more information about the iOS app at


      We will be doing everything we can to get your strap to you as
      soon as possible! All orders will be processed within 2-3 business days, and
      generally will not be delivered on weekends or holidays.

      If we are experiencing
      a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed. Please allow additional days
      in transit for delivery. In case of significant delays with your order, we will
      contact you via email.

      Customer Reviews

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      Kathryn A.
      Loving it

      Bought this for my son he loves it great leather great graphics

      Monica M.

      Ted Lasso - Ted Lasso Leather Smartwatch Band

      Next Level Quality

      Warner Bros Collection