Android App

How to get your Watch Faces for Android

  1. Open the box and lift the tray to find your QR code on the back of the warranty

  1. Scan the QR code with your phone's camera or any QR reading app
  1. Tap on the link that appears, you will be taken to the MobyFace App in the Google Play Store 
  1. Tap Download to install the app. Once installed, tap Open to be redirected to the MobyFace App
  1. You will see the Watch Face collection that’s included with your strap. Tap ‘FREE UNLOCK’
  1. You will be prompted to sign in with your Google Account so your Watch Faces are stored safely and securely in the cloud
  1. To install a Watch Face, you must have the MobyFox default Watch Face selected on your smartwatch. To do so:
  • Long press on your watch to bring up the Watch Face selector
  • Scroll until you see a Watch Face called MobyFace, then tap to select it as your watch face.


You are now ready to sync Watch Faces from the app! 

  1.   Select the Watch Face of your choice from the collection and tap ‘SET WATCH FACE’


How to Install Watch Face Collections using a QR Code