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How to redeem watch faces on Huawei Health

Step 1
Open Huawei Health
Step 2
Go to "Watch Faces" → "Device" → "Mine" → "My Coupons"
Step 3
Enter the code and click "REDEEM"
Step 4
Click "View" on the pop-up 
Step 5
Click "install" to install the watch face on your watch
The history of your purchases can be found in "Mine" → "Purchase history"
  1. Each redeem code can acquire a HUAWEI Theme/AOD/Watch Face (limited to one-time use).
  2. Each code is linked to a predefined HUAWEI Theme / AOD / Watch Face with compatible EMUI version / watch mode. Each code has an expire date.
  3. To redeem, follow the following steps: Your phone eligible for the offer must be connected to the internet and logged in to a Huawei account.
  4. To redeem a Theme/AOD: Go to Huawei Themes → "Me" → "Coupons & gifts", enter the code of and click on "REDEEM". Click “DOWNLOAD” on the “Redeemed Coupon” pop-up window and you will be redirect to a detailed page. Click "Apply" to apply the Theme/AOD for your phone. The history of your purchases and code can be found in the section "Me" → "Themes" → "Purchase history" - "Themes“.
  5. To redeem a Watch Face: Connect your watch to Huawei Health. Go to "Watch Face" store in "Device" → "Mine" → "My Coupons", enter the code of and click on "REDEEM". Click "View" on the pop-up to be redirected to detailed page and click "install" to install the watch face to your watch. The history of your purchases and code can be found in the section "Mine" → "Purchase history".

How to get your Watch Faces for Android

    1. Scan the QR code with your phone Camera or QR Reader App
    2. Tap on the link that appears, you will be taken to the MobyFace App page in the Google Play Store 
    3. Tap Download to install. Once installed, tap Open to be redirected to the MobyFace App
    4. You will see the Watch Face Collection that’s included with your strap. Tap ‘FREE UNLOCK’
    5. You will be prompted to sign in with your Google Account so your Watch Faces are stored on the cloud
    6. You will see the Watch Face Collection and the message 'Content unlocked'
    7. Choose a Watch Face to sync with your watch. The message 'We couldn't find MobyFace App in the watch. Tap to download' will show
    8. When you Tap on 'Tap to dowload' your Watch will start installing the MobyFace Companion App. Once installed, tap Open, and press the home button on your watch to return to the home screen
    9. To install a Watch Face, you must have the MobyFox default Watch Face selected on your smartwatch. To do so:
    10. Long press on your watch to bring up the Watch Face selector
    11. Scroll until you see a Watch Face called MobyFace, then tap to select it as your watch face.
    12. You are now ready to sync Watch Faces from the app!
    14.   Select the Watch Face of your choice from the collection and tap ‘SET WATCH FACE’