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Installing Watch Face Collections to MobyFace

Installing a static Watch Face to Apple Watch using MobyFace

Installing Animated Watch Faces to Apple Watch using MobyFace

Installing Watch Face Collections using a QR Code

The simplest Watch Face App for Apple Watch available today. Beautiful designs. Simple to install. 100% free.

Built specifically for Apple Watch, MobyFace brings you lots of beautiful, fun, unique Watch Faces, that are easy to install and 100% free.
  • Scroll through collections of beautiful Watch Face designs
  • Easily install images on your Apple Watch & customize complications and positioning
  • Install an animated Watch Face and see your Apple Watch display come to life every time you look at it

Choose from over 20 collections (& growing), with categories from gaming, to art, nature, science, pop culture, and more.

If your phone is already connected to your Apple Watch, MobyFace Watch Faces can be up and running in seconds. Just pick a collection, choose a Watch Face, click and add (or customize if you want).

Animated designs are sent to your Camera Roll & can be installed in seconds, bringing a new level of life to your Apple Watch display.

MobyFace Support

  • Uh….so what is MobyFace actually?
    MobyFace is an iOS based App that gives you tons of Watch Faces you can easily display on your Apple Watch.  We love Watch Faces, we wanted an easy, fun, way to have more of them, and we wanted lot’s of variety in terms of designs and themes. So we decided to come up with an App to do it, and that idea became MobyFace.
  • How do I get started?
    Simply download the App from the App Store, open it up, browse the collections, unlock the collections you like, and install any Watch Face you want on your Apple Watch. It really is that easy.
  • What’s a ‘Watch Face collection’?
    Good question. It’s a collection of individual Watch Faces, both static and animated (more on that below). Each collection has at least 10 Watch Faces, some many as 20; and usually each collection has a specific theme.
  • How do I add a collection?
    Once you go inside an ‘ AVAILABLE’ collection you will see a ‘FREE UNLOCK' button in the top right-hand corner. For now all collections in the App are free, so you can unlock as many as you like.  Once you unlock a collection it moves from the ‘AVAILABLE’ list to ‘MY FACES’. Anything in the MY FACES list is already on your iPhone, and you can immediately install any Watch Face from these collections on your Apple Watch.
  • I get an "iCloud" error message when i try to use the app!
    MobyFace uses your iCloud account to sign you in, this is why we never ask you for personal your information. To use MobyFace synchronization with your icloud account must be enabled. 
    Here's what to do if you get an error message: First, make sure you're signed in to your iCloud account on your phone. Go to "Settings", access your account settings to make sure you're signed in to iCloud.
    If you are signed in and you still get an error message, go to the iCloud menu and look for the "MobyFace" app icon. Make sure you enable MobyFace to use your iCloud account.
  • What is a ‘static Watch Face’ and what is an ‘animated Watch Face’?
    static Watch Face is a picture, or photo; even more simply: it does not move when you lift your wrist to see the time (but we work hard to make it darn beautifu! ;)). An animated Watch Face is one that moves or is animated in some way when you check out the time on your Apple Watch.  An animated Watch Face has a play ▶️ symbol in it when you preview Watch Faces in collections. We’ll be adding a lot more of these over time.
  • How do I get a Watch Face onto my Apple Watch?
    Pretty easy, just a few clicks and you’re done.  The steps are slightly different for static versus animated Watch Face.
    To install a static Watch Face: Go into one of your collections, and click a Watch Face you like. You’ll see a preview window with a large orange button at the bottom that says ‘Create Watch Face’, click it.  Then you’ll see an iOS pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see another ‘Create Watch Face’ option in that pop-up. Click it, and you’ll see two options: a Photo option and a Kaleidoscope option. Go for the top (Photo) option. Then you can move the time around, and add complications above and below the time.  Once you are happy with the preview click ‘ADD’. That’s it. The Watch Face will now appear on your Apple Watch.
    To install an animated Watch Face: Go into one of your collections, and click an animated Watch Face you like (it will have a play  ▶️ symbol in the preview). You’ll see a preview window with a large orange button at the bottom that says ‘Create Watch Face’, click it. You’ll then see a pop-up window telling you the Watch Face has been sent to your Camera Roll. Exit the MobyFace App and open either Photos or Camera (we like Camera because you’ll see a little preview of the Watch Face in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen that you can click on to bring it up). Highlight the Watch Face image, and click the share icon (a small box with an arrow pointing upwards) in the bottom left-hand corner. You’ll see a pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen, scroll along it until you get to ‘Create Watch Face’. Click it,
     and you’ll see two options: a Photo option and a Kaleidoscope option. Go for the top (Photo) option. Then you can move the time around, and add complications above and below the time.  Once you are happy with the preview click ‘ADD’. That’s it. The animated Watch Face will now appear on your Apple Watch.
  • Sometimes an animated Watch Face disappears from my watch, what gives?
    This can happen. There is a limit of 36 Watch Faces that can be on your Apple Watch at any given time, and sometimes the animated Watch Faces take up a small amount of extra space.  Delete some Watch Faces on your watch, and reinstall the Watch Face giving you trouble.
  • How do I delete Watch Faces?
    We cannot do this from the MobyFace App directly right now, the quickest way is to delete Watch Faces directly on your Apple Watch.  Press and hold down the screen of a Watch Face, and it will diminish in size and give you the option of a ‘customize’ button. Ignore the button, but swipe the Watch Face upwards, it will disappear and a ‘remove’ bin will appear instead.  Click this and the Watch Face will be deleted.  Do this to a few more to make more space.  Don’t worry, you can easily reinstall them again later from the MobyFace App.
  • There is a QR-code reader in the MobyFace App, what is it for?
    Good catch.  Yes in the top right-hand corner there is a QR-code icon.  We also sell design straps under our MobyFox brand. Some of our straps include a QR-code in the packaging to unlock special collections (you might also get your hands on a QR-code as part of a promotion).  However you get a code from us, just click the QR-code icon, aim the target at the physical QR-code, and as special collection will be automatically added to your ‘MY FACES’ list.
  • You sell straps as well? How can I get my hands on one?
    Yep we do.  And many of our straps match our Watch Face collections, and have been created by the same designers. Go to our homepage at and you can purchase straps from us directly.
  • I don’t understand your FAQ (really?) is there any other way I can get to grips with your App?
    Check out our instruction videos where we show you the moves hands-on.
  • Will there be more collections coming?
    YES! We plan on adding a lot more collections over time themed on everything from gaming, to entertainment, movies, art, and more. Stay tuned. Or follow up on Instagram and Facebook.
  • I’m still having problems and the solutions are not listed here, what do I do?
    Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 
    You can also do this inside the MobyFace App: Just click on the setting icon in the top left-hand corner, and click ‘Contact Support’. This will automatically generate an email draft (with your App ID included) where you can send us a note about what your question is.