Where is my QR code?

Every MobyFox smartwatch band comes with 20+ exclusive watch faces that pair perfectly with your strap. These watch face collections are unlocked with a QR code through our MobyFace App.

To find your QR code, lift the tab at the bottom of the black case holding your strap & extra lugs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I accidentally threw away the box, or my watch band didn't include a QR code?
Please contact us at support@mobyfox.com and we'll send your QR code asap. 

Do I need to install the MobyFace app?
Yes. In order to use our exclusive watch face collections, you'll need to download our MobyFace app, and use the MobyFace QR code scanner to unlock the watch faces.

How do I get the watch faces to appear on my watch?
There are several tutorial videos here that show how to quickly and easily get your watch faces to appear on your watch.